I offer an array of services to help your child with special needs to succeed. I utilize Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Floortime and other well-respected methodologies to facilitate learning and change.


My primary service is behavioral consultation. As a behavioral consultant, I meet with families to discuss the needs of the children. After developing a list of goals most important to the family, I assess the child and develop a customized plan aimed at helping them reach the desired results. Something that makes my services unique is that I will design programs that are specific to each child’s interests and learning styles. Some examples of programs that I have designed specifically for families are an eating program, a bike riding program and a piano playing program.


Unlike most behavioral consultants, my approach is to be a part of the child’s learning process by doing some or all of the ABA therapy. Experience has shown me that children progress more with this model than with the traditional ABA model, which is to have the consultant act only as a manager of the programs. Because I am able to regularly review the learning and behavioral goals, the goals are modified when needed to meet each child’s needs.

Potty Training

After potty training several students with disabilities using the Foxx and Azrin method, I now offer potty training consultation.