"Working with Lacey Anderson has been tremendously positive for our family.  Before starting therapy, our son Jack literally could not be in the same room as his younger brother without screaming, attacking, and throwing things.  After working consistently with Lacey, Jack actually plays happily with his little brother for extended periods of time.  Jack’s interaction with Lacey has positively affected all aspects of our family’s life.  Under her tutelage, we have watched Jack learn to do things we did not even think might be possible for him to achieve.  Lacey’s  years of experience working with children with special needs, and her genuine love for individuals with disabilities make her uniquely qualified to work with special children.  She truly loves Jack and sees him for who he really is – as a precious little boy, not simply as a disability.  Her ability to relate to him and help him to learn is remarkable.  I wholeheartedly recommend Lacey as a behavior consultant and therapist.  She is amazing!"   ~Megan G.

"Desperately searching for the very best results with ABA instruction for our non-verbal 3 year old, we interviewed several trainers. Our choice was probably the very best we could have ever expected.

There are some people whose strengths and abilities resonate so deeply with a person when you meet, that you feel a sense of affinity with them. Lacey is one of those people for us. Her energy and patience alone with our little boy, have given us great hope for a better future for him. In the first few weeks in working with Lacey he was bowling with his fingers correctly placed in the ball, putting puzzles together and learning to put the silverware in the correct slots.

One of the most exciting things for us, was that after a weekend of intense training he was completely potty trained and with literally having had no accidents since.

Currently he is learning colors, numbers, and the alphabet. We are looking only forward now to his continued improvement and finding joy in his accomplishments."   ~T. Family

"We were lucky enough to find Parenting Possibilities when searching for a consulting company to help establish an at home ABA program for our 3 year old daughter. After an exhaustive search, I concluded Lacey was the most qualified and most affordable option. I was impressed with Lacey from day one. She was very professional and listened well to what my concerns and priorities for treatment were. She is genuinely interested in making a difference for the kids and families that she works with.

When my daughter started ABA, she was entirely nonverbal, unable to sit still, and noncompliant to any directions. Lacey began working with Brianna and within a few weeks there were significant improvements in her attending skills. Within a couple months my expectations for my daughters potential changed dramatically. I realized that she both had the capacity to learn and that she was smart. It was then when I began to realize how important investing in this early time period would be to help her reach her full potential. Feel free to email me with any questions, carleneboden@yahoo.com."   ~Carlene

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  1. Reading these made cry. I'm so glad you're able to be such an amazing teacher Lacey.